Collaborative Drawing & Writing

Making sense of the complex and generating the time & space to enable opportunities are exercises tightly linked to innovation and design.

The collaborative drawing & writing sessions create a space of enabling constraints through conditional design. In other words, it’s a playground with limited rules, a medium for thinking and creativity.

Enabling Deep Collaboration

Simple rules can have the ability to open unexpected, non-linear opportunities. A children playground sets both clear boundaries and opportunities for kids to create stories & games at the same time and in a collaborative way.

The collaborative sessions are designed to set constraints on how participants interact together and enable opportunities through the power of visualisation, abstraction, and narrative. It allows a group to explore a topic, defining themselves the boundaries as they build up shared understanding.

This is a critical tool for blending perspectives by both allowing & recognising each individual experience that adds up to the collective knowledge.


Back in May 2021, we recorded one version of this collaborative exercise with members of the community.

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